There’s an unexpected disconnect living in our new home. We don’t have internet and the phone reception is very poor which has resulted in a sort of stepping away. It’s twenty minutes into town and quite a few locals think we live in the boondocks… without modern firms of communication it can feel that way….

Blessed beyond our dreams

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had any sort of deep soul contentment. I’d forgotten what it felt like. I’d forgotten how damn good it feels – like the aftermath of passion but for longer and deeper. For the past two days since getting our property I’ve been feeling this and since meeting…

Deciding to dream… and work too

Life can take one by surprise… and that’s not a bad thing. We came to NZ looking for a simpler life, with animals, SPACE and the opportunity for starting a business on our land. The more we looked, it became apparent that on our budget, this simply wouldn’t be possible – or so we thought….