Still here, still standing.

I find it easier to think of the remaining jobs we’ve got to do around the property as how many hours of work they’ll take. That and “what’s the most cost effective way of doing it?”. Thankfully we’re now back in our home after a period of absence following asbestos being discovered and needing to be removed. The logistics of that, coupled with Mr Incredible going overseas meant that we combined stage one and stage two of the build necessitating us to stay out until we had a kitchen and our bedroom was liveable. Just looking back over this period now, though I didn’t feel too overwhelmed in the moment I know without a doubt from the visceral feeling of stress upon reflection that it was not an easy time. That, throupled with a full time job and using my creative energy at work has meant months of our journey not being shared. For this I apologise, as much to myself as to anyone following our journey or who finds encouragement by anything I share. Sometimes we need to start with forgiving ourselves when we haven’t lived up to one’s own expectations… I find I need to do this a lot. Sigh.

So where are we at? We’re in!! The builders are, mostly, out!!! We have an incredible home and while a lot hasn’t been unpacked from the container, we do have 50 odd fruit and nut trees!!!! The cottage though is well behind schedule and a lot of that can be blamed of the concrete floor and it being too thin in places, too hard in others and too uneven. We’ve looked at so many options for it and without spending waaaay above budget (i.e. over $5,000 on a very small footprint) we’ve been in a quandary. We may have a cost effective solution now though and while it’s far from perfect (rubber backed carpet), it’s the best of a bad lot. I’m sad that it won’t be the perfectly themed room anymore but I’m keen to have friends be able to stay in it so until we can find a better solution it will work. The bathroom finish also wasn’t quite what I hoped for (a weird mix between modern finish and reclaimed original parts) at least it’s a fat sight better than it was, has an original bath that no longer has a rust hole in it, hot water, tiled floors and a shower – one can’t complain.

Here’s a few photos of the cottage, about 20hrs more work and it will be ready for guests šŸ™‚

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