I really don’t think I could be morecontent with life. Really. Our bank account is certainly not as flush as it was3 months ago and we’re now on a strict budget (thanks Barefoot Investor formaking this easy!) but our lives are much fuller and the days are good.

Last night we had the most incrediblecommunity dinner and auction. Over 100 community members gathered for abrilliant dinner in the hall and over wine, cheese, beer, lamb, salads andtrifle we bonded, laughed and smiled til my cheeks hurt. What an incredibleplace we’ve landed in. Mr Incredible and I won the auction for the star gazingexperience and look forward to having those on our table around to learn moreabout the sky above our properties. We have incredible neighbors and reallylook forward to getting to know them more.

Today was spent out in the garden andstarting to plant out our veggie patch. It’s in a sunny spot and well shelteredbut sadly has remnants of a dump of clay that was used to build a windbreak sothe soil there we’ve found to be quite poor until we dig deep. We’ve fenced itwith wire and star pickets (over here they’re called standards or waratahswhich was odd and I was glad someone in the store spoke Australian as the shopassistant didn’t know what I was looking for). Over time I’m very keen to fenceit properly in keeping with the style of our property but for now this is aninterim system that’s cheap and will work. We’ve had another day with the kidsoutside working (and whining) alongside us and as the rain starts to falloutside I realise another day has gone by without a request for TV.

Adventure Girl is reading a gardening bookas I type, Mr Incredible is finishing off dinner and Dash is singing that hewants a peanut butter on his cheese toastie. Life is good.

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