The biggest change

Moving to Whanganui, where jobs are in short supply, Mr Incredible and I had a deal that the first to get a job would take it and the other would be the stay at home parent. With me being the first to get a job, and now from that be offered full time work (with leeway in school holidays), it means perhaps the biggest change in our lives thus far. Mum is at work and dad’s at home. Mum’s at work and dad is getting dinner on the table. Mum’s at work and dad isn’t quite getting dinner on the table…. sigh. Food and cooking has been such a big part of my life for the past 6 years, and to now hand over the reins of responsibility is very hard. It’s not that Mr Incredible isn’t capable – he’s perfectly capable. He’s just entirely unpracticed and disorganised.

I write this post not to complain but rather as something to look back upon in a year and smile at how much things have improved. Because they WILL improve… they can hardly not.

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