A brief summary


One of the difficult things about blogging is that if I miss a week or two I have no idea where to start off again – so much seems to happen during that period and topics to post about are too abundant. If I was smart I’d do a bundle and then slow release them… I’m not that smart however so here’s a brief breakdown of what’s been happening.

  • Mr Incredible has purchased a chainsaw and has learnt how to use it
  • I have my own set of power tools and have rather taken to our ride on mower
  • Family from Christchurch has visited for the weekend and we loved having them! Cousins played well and memories were made J
  • We’ve planted out about 30 trees
  • I’ve planted some ground cover rose bushes and gardenias
  • The ivy is still under siege
  • I got a promotion at work and will soon start Full Time during terms with some additional leave during school holidays – a brilliant fit and I’m in awe of where I feel the tide has taken us.

So that my dear readers (and self for when I re-read and bind the book on this chapter) has what’s happened in the last two weeks! A very, very brief snapshot.

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