Time spent learning is never wasted: PopUp Business School

This past week and next, Mr Incredible and have been attending the PopUp Business School – a ten day intensive on running a small business. It’s free for participants and supported by our local council and business partners. It’s an incredible opportunity for anyone with an existing business, a startup, a social enterprise or has thoughts start one in the near future. I also love the amount of artists (including a fashion designer) undertaking the course – it’s hard to market a passion/creation but Tony and his team have made this so much easier. If you live in NZ, can I encourage you to speak to your Council / Chamber of Commerce etc. and see if you can get this empowering team to help your town and businesses? I can’t wait to see the economic outcomes and fruit begin to show in the next few years from my fellow students.

As a fellow participant, Timothy from Fre3dom.com says: “The Popup Business School Aotearoa Whanganui has blown my mind. Everyday I get closer to the kernel of my passion – my reason for being in business. Every session whittles away the noise, tuning me into my own heartbeat”

We agree whole heartedly with him and at the end of another huge day feel even more empowered to undertake our Bed and Breakfast that we’ll open up as part of the homestead.

Mr Incredible and I don’t have grand plans. First and foremost we’ve moved here to help our family thrive – and in the first year with so much else going on, a full on business endeavour is not for us. It has been incredibly helpful though to think of the “low-lying fruit” that we can easily manage in this time. The obvious choice is the B&B which is naturally on our new home – and a business which can then fund having other people to stay and relax.

In other news, perhaps more personal than usual but something I want to be open about because of the reality which needs to be shared in this sort of journey: this week I felt lonely for the first time. I’ve yet to go out for coffee with a girlfriend or do anything outside of family interactions (except the business school). These have been incredible but now we’ve been here for one and a half months on Friday I found myself longing for more. Aside from that I start a new job on Monday (!) and we’re looking forward to moving in to our new home in 2 weeks along with generally keeping on keeping on.

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