Cafe Love: The Citadel Cafe in Castlecliff

  • Everything made in house (including sauces, chips, cakes etc) CHECK
  • Brilliant gluten free, vegan, dietary requirement friendly menu – able to be changed up as needed due to the fact they make it all themselves CHECK
  • Awesome community vibe and chilled out feel CHECK
  • Great coffee CHECK
  • Kid friendly but not too kid friendly CHECK
  • A place to go by yourself, with a friend, with the kids or a large group CHECK

I think I could go on and on about how this brilliant cafe at 14 Rangiora Street in Castlecliff is. I’ve visited a few times and today had the joy of going again for my weekly “cake day” – where I had a brilliant sticky date cake with cream… enough sweetness to get me through till next week 🙂

I’ve been checking out new cafes each week and wanted to come back to The Citadel for a few weeks now for “cake day” but needed to change up the day as it’s closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So when you head out, make sure you go on another day! It’s about 10min from Whanganui city centre but well worth the drive. There’s a great little cubby there for the kids and an amazing park just across the road. Whenever I visit the area I just want to stay longer! The cafe also has different “sections” which I personally really like as I often go to cafes by myself.

Needless to say I’ll be back and may well make this my regular cake day spot – next time though I won’t take Mr Incredible and Dash as I didn’t manage to write any letters or even read a chapter of my book… cake day = ME time!

P.s. in full disclosure I know the owners but will not receive any compensation for this review – It’s a business I love to go to!

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