No longer on the horizon


Before we left Australia, future dates and events were on the horizon but felt a long way off. It’s incredible to think that Dash is now four and Adventure Girl begins school next week. With so much going on, we’ve set aside this week for the four of us to bond some more and rest together before the routine of school sets in. We don’t have much planned other than a trip to Wellington but have enjoyed discovering more places.

Bason Reserve is now a firm favourite and personally, I adored that Adventure Girl’s moans when we first arrived that there wasn’t a playground completely disappeared into the joy of discovery, climbing trees, making bird nests and running around. We even had a small picnic and iced the cupcakes we made for Dash’s birthday yesterday.

It was the perfect end to a day which was quite stressful for me in trying to source the right kitchen and work out cabinet choices. Oh for the range and prices we had in Australia!!!

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