Loving my town

The first I heard about the town I now live was when my parents announced they were moving here a year and a half ago. I distinctly remember saying “Wannga-where?!?”. The surprise I felt then has only continued to grow as I now find myself loving my new hometown.

Today it’s absolutely buzzing with the annual four day vintage festival – complete with a steampunk teapot race, antique cars lining the closed off streets, pumping bands on free stages, and half the population out enjoying what’s on offer at the street carnival.

As a family we feel so blessed to have found ourselves in such an incredible town. It’s certainly not the sleepy back of nowhere place I first envisioned. I love the surprises I discover- incredible cafes with wholesome food, ladies beating African drums outside the local version of the CWA and the general vibe. I could go on and on but will sign off writing g here to enjoy the Mumford and Sons cover being belted out!

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