Blessed beyond our dreams


It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had any sort of deep soul contentment. I’d forgotten what it felt like. I’d forgotten how damn good it feels – like the aftermath of passion but for longer and deeper. For the past two days since getting our property I’ve been feeling this and since meeting with the builder and draftsman it’s only gotten more pronounced. A deep sense of rightness and neither Mr. Incredible or I can believe just how much this is starting to look like something better than either of us dreamed, nay, even thought if in our wildest dreams.

Yes, it will be work. Yes, it will cost a fair whack of $$. BUT it will also have everything we wanted and have felt called to along with having the possibility of much, much more.

Sorry for rattling on so – I need to write down this knowledge of “rightness” for when times get tough in the months to come and I need to look back for encouragement.

No regrets in moving. Not one.

Image: photo taken at the nearby ski fields when I visited in May considering moving here.

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