To dream again…


Where do the dreamers inside of us go and how do we get them back? It’s a question I’ve been asking of myself today upon realising that the second property I’d discounted was actually all I dreamed of not too many years ago. Like many others, I was challenged and impacted by the lifestyle change of A River Cottage’s Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall – Oh how I dreamed of making such a sustainable change myself! Oh the possibilities I saw in so much of life.

Now though I find myself overly cautious and scared of too much change. The idea of a land holding and River Cottage sustainability is tempered by costs and housing and the lifestyle we want to have right now. In reality I see impatience and lack of faith instead of the dreamer who used to dream so vividly. As I type these thoughts I remember how, camping throughout Tasmania where we made the decision to move, our family thrived by doing things together and a simplicity of life. That was something we craved in moving to NZ… so where do the dreamers inside of us go and how do we get them back?

As an update, we’ve submitted an offer on one property (which hasn’t had a reply) and Mr Incredible has fallen for the other which he viewed today. A second viewing of the “dreamer’s property with potential” will be had tomorrow.

Image: the photo was taken at Tasmania’s Bay of Fires where we made the decision to move out of Sydney.

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