When one moves countries, especially when one moves and has money to buy a house without a mortgage, decisions can be overwhelming. I’ve woken up the last few mornings and loved walking into town and doing half my 10k steps before going home to family. Life in town is quite appealing for many reasons, first and foremost the ease of distance and life. Town living though was never our intention though and in time, I think Mr Incredible would feel claustrophobic. We’d certainly spend more money too as coffee shops and eating out are so much more accessible. Furthermore, the appeal of chickens and sheep and SPACE is quite attractive. With this in mind we’ve continued looking at lifestyle properties and have two serious contenders. (WOOOT!)

Choices though are rarely easy and we find ours being influenced significantly by what is practical at this point in our lives. Both of the properties shown above are the same price and both are about the same distance from town (20min which is quite a way out!) that said, there’s where the similarities end. One is move in and entertain the next night with room for guests, the other is a significant amount of work but a significant amount of arable land. One has land, the other has shelter and gardens for the kids to play in. One has a kitchen I can bake in, the other well, needs redoing. Land it seems isn’t everything.

An offer will go in tomorrow – which would you choose? It many depend on how much of a handyman you are!

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