Maggie Beer’s Peaches

One of the brilliant things about moving is that I don’t have my cookbooks… nor do I have all my standard equipment. Brilliant you say? I hear you! It’s been difficult but I reckon it’s been awesome because I’m trying out new recipes and new ways of doing things. It’s also wonderful because I have the energy and inclination to try things – something I haven’t had for a few months.

Last night we had our first guests for dinner and I took the opportunity to make use of the abundant stone fruits that are in the area along with cooking something new. Maggie Beer’s recipe book Recipes for Life was my inspiration for the evening and while the “Eggplant, zucchini, caramelised onion and feta tart with brown rice and almond pastry” was good (and something I’ll definitely make again) the “Peaches stuffed with ginger and almonds” was superb.

In other news, we’ve made friends!!! The couple we had over last night invited us around to morning tea today to meet some other folks and my heart is happy. We’re going around to someone else’s place for lunch tomorrow and I’m taking my favourite home made loaf of bread that you can find the recipe for here: Signs of refreshment: Baking Everyday Oatmeal Bread from Simply in Season.

Peaches stuffed with ginger and almonds

From recipes for life  by Maggie Beer (n.b. this recipe has been slightly adapted as the original recipe also includes lemon rind, ground ginger and more butter)


  • 4 ripe peaches
  • 20g Almond flakes (or almonds)
  • 25g finely chopped crystallised ginger
  • 30g butter
  • cream to serve (if desired)


  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees (fan forced)
  2. Half the fruit and remove the seeds, placing the halved peaches on a baking tray lined with baking paper
  3. Remove a small amount of extra flesh to make a bigger hollow (DON’T remove too much as you don’t want to get too close to the skin)
  4. Chop the almonds, removed peach flesh, crystallised ginger and butter and combine well to make a paste
  5. Pile your chopped mixture into the peaches and set aside until ready to bake (just before dessert – or bake early and serve cold)
  6. When ready, bake for 10 minutes until tender but still holding it’s shape
  7. Serve hot (or warm or cold!) with any juices and a splash of cream if desired


  • This is a great desert when you have people with allergies to dairy and gluten as you could bake this without the butter
  • I forgot to take a photo so have used the one from Maggie Beer’s book

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