Same same but different

When we lived in Hong Kong, we learned the phrase “same same but different”. It’s quite apt for what we’re finding now comparing living in Australia to now living in New Zealand. Adventure girl and I are currently sitting in a café and from the last five minutes we have a few examples:

  • Number one – the coffee. It’s STRONG. In Australia I often order a three-quarter flat white so I can taste the coffee not just the milk. Alternatively I can order three or four shots. Here, you’re risking heart failure if you do anything so stupid.
  • Number two – the money. While the denominations are the same obviously they look quite different and while we’ve travelled extensively throughout New Zealand it will take time to get used to handing over the right amount of money.
  • Number three – the sugar. In order to cut down on the weight I’ve put on since surgery I’ve designated Wednesdays as my sugar and cake day. It’s rather difficult to keep to the this though, when delicious Jaffas are served beside your coffee! I’ve got more to say on food options later but for now this is a small example.
  • Number four – the flags. This is Adventure Girl’s contribution to the list and I can see where she’s coming from!

The flys are the same though 😉

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