Safe, sound and settling in

While my posts over the next few weeks are likely to jump forward and back through the chaos that has been the last month, today I simply want to share today. What a lovely day it has been – our first full day as a family in our new city. We viewed a couple of houses, played with our new puppy and finished off with the new habit of an evening walk. The sun sets so late here, we’ve decided that is the perfect time for a family walk, delaying the kids bed times and exploring the town before the sun sets. We chose the river this evening and are spoilt for choice as to where we’ll go tomorrow.

It’s an amazing city we’ve chosen complete with Saturday markets and events many weekends of the year. We just missed out on Speed Week with motorbike races in the streets and jet boat races in the river. Colonial Week is coming soon, closely followed by Opera Week which I’m particularly looking forward to.

As to how we’re doing: overall we’re tired but content and looking forward to the days ahead. Mr Incredible is a bit sick but otherwise we’re healthy and happy. We know this next week will be one if adjusting, but with a few good routines in place we’re sure to cope better. Puppy hugs help too!

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