Sands of Time

“like sand through an hourglass are the days of our lives”… it’s an apt saying for how we’re all feeling right now with lists of things to check off and do, and the sad realisation that some of our “bucket list items” just won’t get done. I’m super sad we won’t get to walk over the harbour bridge or visit wendy whitely’s secret garden again, or have that final trip to the zoo and QVB… but we are saying good farewells and making memories that will last. That we’re thankful for.

Aside from farewells, Christmas is in two days and packing isn’t yet completed. On the plus side we’ve re-directed our mail and managed to sort out those pesky “text verifications” that can’t get sent to an international number. Which reminds me that I need to research the best phone plans in NZ for what we want. sigh. The more one thinks the more one has to do.

Oh, we’ve also purchased a car! Funny that I forgot about that – we managed that purchase while in Canberra visiting family. So many things are happening so quickly and  it’s hard to keep a handle on them all. Thankfully, stress levels are still fairly low 🙂 That’s it for now – Zumba lunch awaits!!

Note: The above image is from one of the beaches at our new home a couple of weeks after this post was written. Yup – the sand IS black.

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