Fare Thee Well

Sitting on the deck this morning, in the midst of gum trees looking out over the valley and listening to the birds, it’s an amazing thing to have a very full and content heart after our “farewell party” last night. With it over, I’m surprised how normal this all feels and perhaps, how I feel life could just continue on as it has – and how much of a shock I might  be in for. Yes, theoretically I know what’s ahead but within my heart I’m so much at peace it barely feels real. Today I don’t feel overwhelmed. Today is a day of thankfulness and living in the moment… and the moment is good.

Now we’ve had our “big bash” I’m sure the next few weeks will fly by. Before we know it we’ll be in a new country driving down to our new town. Our hearts are full though – filled with the love and well wishes of dear friends who have said Fare Thee Well, as we have said to them.

Tips for a farewell party:

  • You’ve got enough other things to do – if funds allow, get food made for you to then pick up. (We had antipasto platters to start (made by a local delicatessen), Thai from our favourite place for mains and a fruit platter (made up by the local fruit shop) for dessert. Simple but delicious.
  • The last thing you want to do is have a lot of cleaning. Give yourself a break and use disposable items.

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