I realised this afternoon that it’s three weeks until we arrive in NZ. 21 days and so much to do. With my surgery 4 weeks ago this date has crept up on me and now I find myself slightly hyperventilating as I realise the implications of the time remaining. A farewell on Saturday. Preschool Graduations. Christmas. Yet in the midst of “events” checklists of things which need to be completed: emptying the pantry and all the bulk food I’ve purchased; packing; moving on items we’re not taking; Mr Incredible finishing up at work… we’ve checked off some big items, like listing our camper trailer and car for sale but we still need to actually SELL these items…. Goodness. At the end of the day though, what’s important is LEAVING WELL. Making memories. Ticking items off our bucket list (like taking the kids to finally walk over the Harbour Bridge). Loving friends and family.

I don’t want to remember a time of pressure and just wanting it to all be over. I want to remember this time with joy. So for the next three weeks (or now two weeks and six days), I will try to keep that at the forefront of my mind – not the countdown but the time remaining – and try to use it to the fullest.

* The featured image is of my two kids playing a year or two ago (it all blurs into one!) – a parent is often told “the days are long but the years are quick”… a little like what’s happening right now. The days are long but the weeks are flying by. 

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