On Friday at 6pm I found a job I would love to have. The job needed a specific application form and with the closing time being noon on Monday (today), I set my alarm for 7am this morning to ensure that, after a sleepless night caused by excitement/anxiety, I’d be awake in time submit everything prior to the NZ noon cut off for applications. Thankfully the HR person was on the ball and the application was in my inbox ready to complete – so, after confirming my references at 10:30NZ I submitted my application for a job!

With only 1 week of applications being open for the position, it’s highly likely that they have someone in mind already. Furthermore, it’s also unlikely that I’ll actually get the job – but I want it and part of this move is branching out and taking risks. Applying for a job is in fact, taking a risk. It’s putting yourself out there for rejection and knowing that rejection is in fact the most likely outcome. As someone who has only casually been in the workforce for the last 5 years since full time employment this is a big thing. It’s a good thing but it’s big. The perspective is also appreciated. I have confidence in my skills and abilities – what about people who are long term unemployed and don’t have these skills or confidence? What does rejection after rejection do to them? Pondering thoughts amidst the excitement of the day. Now for coffee!

p.s. the feature image is a photo I took recently of a paper bark tree. The complexity and the layers kind of reflect how I’m feeling at the moment – lots of stuff going on and many layers but a solid core of surety underneath.

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