Plodding on, plodding on

My hardest job right now is not sorting through suitcases my mother brought down from QLD when I got married 7 years ago, or packing up our life here, instead it’s a much more mundane task – getting food on the table. The evening chore of dinner is starting to wear me down more than usual and even my beloved Thermomix can only help so much. We’re eating through the freezer and pantry and goodness – I just wish I could go out and buy a meal – or better yet have one homemade for me!

It’s been a very productive day today a friend minding the kids while I continued to sort, pack and sort again. I’m worked through a mountain of clothes – trying to figure out which ones I want to ship to NZ, which I need over the next couple of months in Aussie and which I really don’t need at all. In honesty, I could do with a quarter (perhaps an eighth if I’m really honest) of the clothes I have… but I don’t want to – nor, do I need to. My mood often lifts when I feel good about what I’m wearing and whatever people might say about capsule wardrobes and the like, I’m just not keen. My clothes and dressing up (or down as the case might be) isn’t a drag for me – It’s a joy.

I’ve been curating my wardrobe for years now and I’ve started to see it as a bit of a collection in and of itself – articles of clothing picked up at bargain prices from the op-shops from most of the high-end Australian labels. As a stay at home mum, this has become something I’ve rather enjoyed doing and going through my clothes now there’s few pieces I want to part with – when they’re old or daggy, sure, I’m happy to move them on. The down side is that I continue to collect and stay about the same size (and have since Year 11) so my wardrobe is a little on the large size! Oh well, there’s worse problems to have.

In addition to clothes I also got through three suitcases of paperwork, mementoes, childhood treasures and letters from ex’s. It’s all an exhausting processes and right now – what I wouldn’t do to have someone drop around a meal! On the plus side though the freezer continues to get eaten out and we have less than a week of this to go. Here’s to plodding on.

Note: If you’re thinking of moving, stock up on pre-made meals so you don’t have to worry about this task each night (or, if you’re lucky enough, ask some friends to help out).

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