Going, Going, GONE.


The worst thing about a Deadline sale is that there’s only one shot. Or at least, there was in our case. We heard this morning (after calling the agent to find out what had happened after the vendor’s saw the bids last night) that someone else had put in a great offer – and while ours was also “great”, they got the house. From our perspective, we would have been happy to meet and better that other offer (within reason!) but were never given the chance. Seems like a stupid way to sell and rather lazy on behalf of the agent – definitely not getting the best price for her vendors. Oh well… you live and learn!

Oddly enough, we both have peace even though we dearly loved the property. As I said to a friend this morning, if you profess to to Trust and believe in God and have Faith, if you don’t live by that faith it’s all pretty hypocritical. So, we’re choosing to live by our faith even though we don’t know what’s ahead and certainly hope there’s a better property out there!

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