Making an offer

Today is the day! It’s the close date on the Deadline Sale and we’re submitting our offer. There’s been a few things holding us up on submitting the offer early:

  1. Do you know that there’s an embargo on insurance companies insuring properties? You need to make sure you can get insurance before you make an offer!
  2. Because we wanted an unconditional sale to bump us up to the top of the list, we needed to get a LIM report from Council prior to making an offer. Usually this takes 10 working days but Council was kind enough to make ours a priority and get it in half that time. Our solicitor reviewed it all yesterday and gave us the go ahead.
  3. As we’re not in the country, we needed to provide authorized proof of our identity, where the funds were coming from to purchase the property and proof of address. We got these signed off by a local JP sent the scanned documents and followed up with the originals in the mail.
  4. Our solicitor doesn’t particularly trust the agent we’re dealing with so has instructed us to submit our offer as late as possible to stop any possible disclosing of our offer price to another bidder. It would be highly unethical for the agent to do so but one relies on your legal advice

It’s a bit of a nerve wracking day – what will the vendors think??? We think the offer we’re submitting is a fair one based upon other properties in the area and sale prices, but will they? Do they want more? What if someone guzzumps us? What if the agent doesn’t speak in our favour? What if we didn’t make a good impression when we viewed the property with the vendor?

Goodness – what a lot of “what if’s”! The thing is, we’ve done everything we can to secure the property without going overboard with an exorbitant amount (I wanted to but Mr Incredible wouldn’t let me!). It’s no longer in our hands and now we wait for the phone call.

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