What’s in a name?

A life of few regrets? The name of this website was created after a discussion with my beloved one evening. The conversation went like this:

Me: “I don’t want to have regrets. Life’s too short and precious.”

Him: “You can’t. You’ll always have some regrets, but we should try to minimise them as much as possible.”

He’s a wise man my husband and not only do I appreciate his comments – I’ve taken them to heart. We base our decisions as a family upon the values we hold and in doing so, believe that will help us to minimise the regrets we have.

The name of this website reflects our attitude to this move. The question begs though, do we have regrets about moving? Some – well, one in particular. We won’t be as near Mr Incredible’s side of the family. That one factor has made us really question the move and we will miss them dearly. Of course we’ll miss friends and places and familiarity too!

Life always has regrets.

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