Permission to Blob

Today is a day I already want to forget and it’s not even 9am. After an incredibly full on day yesterday (removalist and shipping quotes, certifying documents for the conveyancing process and generally sorting out life both here in Aussie and where we hope to purchase) I heard some bad news that has really thrown my heart in a downward spiral. Two years ago after an agonising decision we re-homed our beloved dog and today the new owners need to have him put down. It’s incredibly hard for all involved as they have grown to love him as much as we did/do. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed today when I pranged the car dropping Mr Incredible off at the train station…

So, today, while my list is MASSIVE I’m choosing to have a down day. A day of self-care and ABCKids. Stuff the list. I’m giving myself permission to be a blob fish.

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