Moments of joy

It’s such a comfort when there’s special moments from the past that intersect with the present. Today had one of those moments at the airport where, looking for a place to stop in the hour and half before our flight, we fancied upon somewhere selling the same craft beer as we had at our wedding. It’s not a beer that you see everywhere by any means and it brought a moment of joy to what has been a couple of busy days.

We’re heading “over the ditch” for a week to check a few things out and solidify plans in our minds before we get into the thick of sorting and moving quotes. With only 3 more weekends at home until we move the pressure is on to get everything sorted but through it all there’s a very nice peace that rides out the moments of panic.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to use up the entirety of our 120kg baggage allowance. We’ve taken most of our winter clothes over (and our ski clothes/helmets) plus one of our bikes. We’re hoping to get in a ride and a visit to the slopes but our time may be spent visiting schools and houses!

Notes: The Qantas lounge is reasonably priced when compared to 2 beers, 2 hot chocolates and a small plate of chicken (as we couldn’t order gf/df for Mr Incredible on the plane). Picking up passes for $25 each is actually saving money!

If you’re going to your destination before you actually move (I.e. visiting on a holiday) visit op shops and buy suitcases for $5-10 each to then leave at your new home for when you arrive.

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