I know in my head that this is all going to come together. I also know in my head that we have a mountain of things to do and very few weeks to make it happen. 4 weekends. 2 weeks of school holidays… with small children who want to “help”. A husband who works full time. Oh. My. Goodness. Looking at the mountain is not a helpful thing. So – let’s break this down and make the elephant not so small.

Settlement (where the buyers move in to an empty house) is October 18 and the list I can think of right now includes:

  • Get what we’ve got in storage at friend’s places and add it to the mountain
  • Sell/Donate/Trash what we don’t want to take
  • Figure out what we do want to/can ship to NZ
  • Sort out the garage and all those boxes and shelves we haven’t touched in years
  • Agree to a removals company and storage quote (we can’t ship until we’re living there in December as we must be in the country to receive the goods)
  • Not kill or seriously harm the children when they’re home every day for 2 weeks or emotionally scar them for life with all their things going into boxes/given away
  • Pack into suitcases and live out of them after we move out of our home and rent with a friend til after Christmas
  • Have an awesome final party in the house!

Oh. We’re also going to NZ for a week to sort a few things out over there and have a wee holiday.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


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