The smell of springtime jasmine wafts past my nose as I enjoy my morning quiet time on the front porch. It’s been a busy morning filled with playing outdoors with the kids (Finska is our new favorite game but the “I wanted to win!!” tantrums I could do without), cleaning up the outdoor table from an impromptu playdate and afternoon pikelets yesterday and generally relishing the sunny, not a cloud in the sky days we’ve been having lately. Spring and Autumn are my favorite times in Sydney and as I woke this morning and looked out at the garden, I realized our house is no longer ours. It’s sold. The contracts exchange today and by golly, I woke up loving our house more than I ever have! While I don’t regret the direction we’re headed, I do very much appreciate what we have had here in Sydney and that life is indeed getting easier the longer we live here.

So, why are we moving? I’m answering this question as something to look back upon when times ahead are difficult. We know it won’t all be a simple transition (although we hope isn’t too difficult) but it won’t be all bliss. So, after talking to Mr Incredible, here’s why:

  • We’ve thought about it for ages and if we don’t do it now, in 5 years time we’ll really regret not having done so
  • While Mr Incredible loves his job, he comes alive when with the kids – let’s facilitate a life with more time for family
  • We want a place where we can be more hospitable and have more land – we’d never be able to afford that in Sydney
  • We love the outdoors and whenever we’ve been to NZ we’ve been struck at how much more families DO, not just dream of being active outdoors
  • We want to invest more in our community and currently don’t have much capacity for that
  • My parents live there and the idea of being closer to them is very attractive. I grew up without my grandparents close by and I want my kids to have a closer relationship with Poppa and DeeDee
  • I don’t cope with the heat of Sydney in summer
  • A place with skiing an hour and 1/2 away, mountains, rivers and beaches on your doorstep in a moderate climate – why not?!?


Question: What is being grounded?? My GP said yesterday that she thought people in NZ were incredibly grounded. What does that mean in today’s day and age??

Things to note:

  1. Plant jasmine
  2. Set up some small outdoor chairs and table in a lovely spot to enjoy your quiet times.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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  1. Emma F says:

    Am going to miss you guys at church so much. 😦 All those years ago first having met ‘Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’ as I remembered your names ;P what an exciting new season ahead, spending more time together and serving and loving the NZ church ♥️ Xxx


    1. Beth says:

      Thanks Dear One! You shall be missed too but we hope you can visit us in NZ and we’ll certainly see you again xx


  2. Rune Christiansen says:

    I’m excited for you all…… being a person who has lived in various places around the globe i can say you will not regret it. We shall miss you but look forward to visiting.
    All our best wishes and prayers for the future. In Jesus name.


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